Samsung DS-5064B

The Samsung DS-5064 AOM Add on Module (AOM) is assigned to compatible digital phones, including: DS-5021D, DS-5014D and DS-5007S. The DS-5054B provides 64 programmable keys with red indicator lights that help you process calls more efficiently while keeping close control of the flow. A maximum of 4 add-on modules can be assigned to any digital phone to provide additional programmale keys as your business grows.



✓  For use with Samsung 5000 Series Digital Phones
✓  Programmable buttons for direct station selection with numerous features such as trunks, busy light field, and more
✓  Expands digital phones
✓  64 programmable keys
✓  Efficient indicator lights
✓  Up to 32 modules per system
✓  Use multiple add on modules for even more buttons!
✓  Ideal for operators or receptionists