Samsung® OfficeServ 7100

Performance Right Out of the Box: A compact hardworking system that expands with your business.
The OfficeServ™ 7100 is the new entry-level OfficeServ platform which, together with the OS 7200 and OS 7400, completes the OS 7000 family. The Samsung OfficeServ 7000 series hybrid communications platform provides a traditional or IP-based wired and wireless solution for voice and data communication. Businesses can deploy OfficeServ 7000 systems to build sophisticated telephony applications, secure data communications infrastructure and policy-driven networks.

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The OfficeServ 7100 entry-level system is designed specifically for the small to medium sized company, supporting up to 32 extensions and a maximum of 30 trunk lines with either analogue or digital connections. It is highly configurable and can be tailored to your individual requirements, so that you do not pay for features and functions that you do not require.

At the same time the OfficeServ 7100 can be upgraded easily and expanded as business needs change. It is fully compatible with larger systems in the OfficeServ 7000 series, protecting your investment in Samsung solutions. The OfficeServ 7100 is a powerful platform for maximizing business potential, profitability and efficiency.

Simplicity and Sophistication
As part of Samsung’s OfficeServ 7000 range of next generation IP solutions, the OfficeServ 7100 Converged Communications Server has exactly the same pedigree, same features and same handsets, but is specifically designed for small businesses that need a sophisticated communications solution that’s also simple to implement and manage.

Leading the way
Compared to many other solutions, OfficeServ 7100 offers small businesses an unrivalled level of functionality:

    ▪ Sophisticated, low cost voice mail with e-mail integration
    ▪ Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) and Call Sequencing
    ▪ Cost effective IP trunks / SIP connectivity
    ▪ Easy to deploy IP extensions for remote workers
    ▪ WiFi for wireless voice and data
    ▪ Applications for seamless PC and telephony integration (CTI)

The OfficeServ 7100 has been designed with flexibility at its core, a single chassis provides 2 universal card slots which accept all available interface modules as well as the capability to network up to 1000 sites. The Samsung policy of using an open architecture in its systems enables interface modules to be common across the whole range, providing investment protection for businesses and simplification for spares holdings. The OfficeServ 7000 series allows your system to grow with your business.