Ubigate iES4028F

Samsung® Ubigate iES4028F

The Samsung Ubigate iES4000 series of ethernet switches provide a cost effective foundation for all your business applications. Designed specifically for small to medium businesses, Samsung Ubigate iES4000 series ethernet switches can be easily integrated with Samsung OfficeServ telephony systems.


The iES4028F provides 24 wire speed 10/100 Fast Ethernet PoE/Non-PoE switching with features targeted for voice and high quality video over IP and 4 Gigabit combo switching ports. The iES4028F is a entry-level enterprise switch and meets demands of delivering high quality voice and video services. IP clustering of up to 36 switches in a logical group with one IP address and browser based configuration takes away a lot of the complexity of management. Four Gigabit ports and MultiLink Trunking support allow the highest bandwidth demands to be easily dealt with, Advanced QoS features minimize latency and prioritize real time protocols such as voice and video packets. For a PoE model, up to 15.4W per port (802.3af) can be supported.




Product Specifications